For the Launch of the Xyron Creatopia we filmed two 30-second commercial spots. From working with the writer and director, auditioning talent and setting up the location, this was a 6 month endeavor. The end results were the following commercials that aired during the Martha Stewart Show with a $500,000 media buy.


As a companion to the TV Spots, we created a demonstration video featuring the projects in the commercial to use in a follow up campaign on Social. 

While the project is basic, it provides another use for the Xyron product line outside of scrapbooking and crafting for the at-home consumer.

We received a lot of positive feedback from parents woh let their kids use Xyron products for their presentations in school. Teachers always commented on the professional quality. 

The Martha Stewart Show

The media buy allowed us to have product exposure on Martha Stewart, I also got to attend the show and meet the mogul. I didn’t add the shot sitting in her office chair…