“I feel a complete understanding of audience and product personality is necessary for marketing pieces to be accurate and properly received.
Whether the client is a non-profit organization or  a clothing line, the main message to the audience must be succinct and use graphics to cut through the clutter.  I use my foundation in artistic fundamentals such as sketches, oil and watercolor painting and sculpture to present interesting and pleasant designs.”

I wrote that 20 years ago in an application to the School of Journalism. While, it makes me laugh at myself all these years later, I continue to feel the best creative marketing work comes when a deep understanding of the audience meets a deep understanding of the product – just stated in a less self-important way.

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From the early days of AOL (on 3.5mm disk) and GeoCities to more advanced Content Managements Systems of today, I have seen the WWW from modem and phone line to the smart phones of today. I look back on all the trends like the bad haircuts they were.
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Leading  Brand Management for a European Office Products Manufacturer in North America, took me all over the world. The role allowed me to participate in some of the most interesting events, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and meetings of minds.
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As an elder millennial, my entire professional career has used some form of email marketing. Starting with email blasts in roles with the College Alumni Association and Student Radio Station, I have been making words pretty in a browser for decades.

Born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. A small town of 50K people with a deep history in aviation. There I learned a love of flying (planes of all sizes) and a penchant for travel.

As a Product Manager in the craft and hobby space, I spent over 40 total hours  on Home Shopping Channels selling and demonstrating productslive on air.

I have spent over 250 hours learning and furthering my yoga practice. Participated in retreats to Machu Picchu, Bali and Italy. Completed Yoga Teacher Certification in 2016.